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Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council have an adopted Borough Plan which contains proposals for growth. To support this ambition, the Council has allocated HSG2 Arbury within the Borough Plan to deliver approximately 1500 new homes, along with a local centre, primary school, green open spaces and transport infrastructure.

We are exploring the opportunities at Arbury and are seeking the Community’s input to help develop a Design Code for the area. This Design Code will guide the character of development and ensure high-quality proposals that meet the vision and aspirations of the local community.

This website presents news and information about our proposals as they develop and provides a platform for you to share your views and comments.

Please note this consultation is separate from the Borough Council current Borough Plan review consultation. Queries regarding the Council’s Borough Plan should be directed to

What is a Design Code?

A Design Code is a set of simple, concise, illustrated design requirements that are visual and numerical wherever possible to provide specific, detailed parameters for the physical development of a site or area.

Design coding is one tool available to local planning authorities, communities and developers to define and deliver design quality.

Design Codes are important because they provide a framework for creating healthy, greener, environmentally responsive, sustainable and distinctive places, with a consistent and high-quality standard of design.

Design Codes can provide greater certainty for communities about the design of development and bring conversations about design to the start of the planning process, rather than the end.

It is important to note that the Design Code being developed at HSG2 Arbury will be used as a guide for developers who will bring forward development in the future.

About the Site's allocation

The HSG2 Arbury site was allocated as part of the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Plan 2011-2031 and has since had a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) prepared in order to ensure the land is brought forward in a strategic and comprehensive manner. The SPD contains an illustrative concept plan, which establishes a strategic context for future planning matters regarding the site and visually sets out the key policy requirements and considerations.

Key policies within the SPD highlight the requirement for:

  • Approximately 1500 homes including affordable homes
  • Landscape, open space and play features
  • A new local centre with some shops
  • Transport upgrades and promotion of travel by sustainable measures
  • A 1 form entry primary school

The SPD and concept plan can be downloaded here.

About the Site

The HSG2 Arbury site is located on the south-western edge of Nuneaton, within farmland associated with Arbury Park.

Existing residential buildings and allotments border the north and eastern boundary of the site, while undeveloped areas of the Arbury Estate boarder the south and west.

There is an existing industrial unit located on the south-eastern corner of the site, and Ensor’s Pool is located along the eastern boundary.

Meet the Team

We are the Borough Council overseeing the production of the Design Code and hosting community engagement events. We will collate the ideas gathered from the community and help feed them in to the Design Code document.

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Multi-disciplinary consultancy who are producing the Design Code and facilitating community and stakeholder engagement. Experts in in Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape and Sustainability.

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They are the overarching organisation running the National Model Design Code pilot scheme that this project is part of. We will maintain a continual dialogue with them throughout the project and provide feedback on the pilot scheme. Find out more about the pilot scheme here.

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Coventry City Council will be providing additional support to Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council throughout the project.

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